" You too can be a forced migrant "

CAFOMI protection staff during case management session


CAFOMI Protection team fosters a protective environment and enhances access to justice for vulnerable refugees and host population; Legal assistance and remedies are provided; quality and responsive GBV interventions as well as strengthen Child protection safeguards. This also includes organizing women and children particularly to their  rights to acquire education and improve their health and participations in income generation activities.


The plastic waste collectors delivering their plastic waste to a collection point in Katwe near Rail way line.


CAFOMI team works hard to ensure environmental protection, Conservation of natural resources, bio-diversity, pollution abatement, including raising awareness of environmental issues through advocacy, networking, public interest litigation and education.

An urban Aquaponics farmer in Kampala harvesting vegetables to prepare for lunch.


Under this programme, CAFOMI aims to facilitate access to credit and motivate communities for group saving leading towards small enterprise development and income generating activities aimed at economic empowerment.

About us

Achieving The Strategic Objectives

CAFOMI works collaboratively to achieve its strategic objectives and goals thus seeks to broaden its networks and partnerships. CAFOMI is currently a member of the Uganda NGO Forum (UNNGOF), a member of the Humanitarian Cluster of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and a member of the Network for the Empowerment of Aid Response (NEAR) launched May 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey at the World Humanitarian summit. 

Strategic Objectives

CAFOMI is recognized as the first point of call amongst donors, government and partners on account of deployment of local talent and capacities

Institutional Objectives

Inspire the growth of highly efficient and effective national organisations at par with international organisations in Uganda and the region

CAFOMI espouses the universality and alienability of human rights. As a registered legal entity ascribing to the promotion and protection of rights as enshrined in the UDHR, international instruments as well as specific minority rights and domestic laws, CAFOMI adds its weight to the growing list of organisations that stand to promote the enjoyment of these rights.

Forced Migrants in Uganda live in dignity to accepted international standards

Engender a highly professional humanitarian services in Uganda managed to international standards by Ugandan professionals