A Refugee civil marriage

That, which began with attending a counselling session at the Nsambya Refugee Counselling centre for James and Jane (not their real names, for protection) ended on the 20th of November 2019, after they saw their dream of having a civil marriage come-true, at Uganda Registration services Bureau (URSB). Besides realization of their dream, core to this is the legal document they obtained after the function which is crucial and will enhance their right to legal documentation.

James and his now official wife Jane, both Congolese, came to Uganda in 2016 because of a political insurgency that was happening back at home.

The couple met the CAFOMI legal assistance team in 2019 when they went to a counseling center in Nsambya for the first time and expressed their interest of having a civil marriage. The counseling center is managed by Norwegian Refugee Counsel (NRC), a partner of CAFOMI.

The legal team therefore swung into action doing what its best known for by first drafting six copies of affidavits where the couple would later sign three each to ascertain their interest of getting married. These affidavits would then be given to three parties, the OPM (Office of the Prime Minister), URSB and the signatory.

The team also went to OPM to confirm the couple’s marital status, OPM has the bio data supporting the verification process aimed at eliminating fraud in the due process. A confirmation letter was then delivered to URSB and then the date of 20th November 2019 set for their wedding.

On the long awaited day, Jane adorned in a beautiful floral dress with her husband who was gently dressed for their day, were accompanied by friends who witnessed their union.

The wedding was done by Zeuse Kizza of URSB, one of the chief administrative officers, in the midst of ululations and applause.

“We are glad that as CAFOMI, we have been able to help this refugee couple live their dream of getting married “Linda Mutibwa a case worker at CAFOMI said.    

Just like CAFOMI has done for all the couples it has helped attain civil marriage, the legal team pledges to continue to avail their protection, legal assistance and counseling services to the couple.

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