CAFOMI, Conrad N. Hilton foundation improving access to early childhood development, youth livelihood opportunities and safe water in Uganda.

A team from CAFOMI joined Kampala capital city authority (KCCA) for Kampala city -project inception meeting, on Tuesday, 10, May 2022.  The project funded by Conrad N. Hilton foundation aims to improve access to, early childhood development, youth livelihood opportunities and safe water in Bundibugyo, Ntoronko, Kisoro & Kampala city.

“There are few or non-existing ECD Centres for children in some locations in Uganda, where they exist, they are expensive. 50% of ECD centres lack child friendly play & educational items including appropriate sanitation facilities for children.” Deus Gichohiy, CAFOMI ECD & LDO Officer.

Early Childhood development (ECD) can be defined as the process by which a child changes over time. It covers the whole period from conception, prenatal period through the transition to school, which is complete by age 8.

During implementation of the project, CAFOMI with funds from Conrad N. Hilton Foundation will Provide Learning materials for ECD centres, Conduct a training of caregivers/ Pre-school teachers on child-focused teaching learning methodology, and proper management of Pre-School Education, rehabilitate hygiene and sanitation facilities and Conduct Parents and caregivers training in positive parenting skills including relevant clinical health services.

The project also seeks to improve youth livelihood through life skills training and providing start-up capital to Youth, Forming and Promoting Youth – self-help savings and loans Associations, Promoting access to credit through facilitating linkages to financial institutions and Physical and mental health support to children under supervised living.

The Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector will also be supported by rehabilitating water springs, training community water user committee members and hygiene promoters and Promoting environmental health and hygiene campaigns.

The project will also focus on health and nutrition, our teams will Conduct Sensitization to pregnant and lactating mothers on recommended breast feeding practices and support child health days in all ECD centres.

CAFOMI continues to support both refugees and nationals through its thematic programme areas of protection, WASH, Advocacy, Environment and energy and public health promotion, but will require more support to meet the daily growing humanitarian needs of Persons of concern.

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