CAFOMI trains urban refugee community activists and leaders on the SASA! Together GBV Prevention methodology.

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CAFOMI trains urban refugee community activists and leaders on the SASA! Together GBV Prevention methodology.

By Nicholas Shawn Mugarura.

 Under the spotlight initiative with funding from European Union in partnership with UNHCR and NRC, CAFOMI is implementing an urban protection programme. The programme seeks to improve access to protection and assistance for urban refugees, asylum seekers and host community in urban Kampala to ensure refugee women, girls, men and boys are engaged and empowered to address root causes of GBV in order to effectively change behaviour and social norms to improve safety and access to quality case management and services including access to justice.

One of the key approaches to use in achieving the project objectives is the SASA! Together methodology. SASA! Together is a unique GBV Prevention methodology comprised of four phases (Start, Awareness, Support and Action) which are implemented through three major strategies(local activism, community leadership and Institutional strengthening strategies) over a period of approximately 3- 3.5 years.

The SASA! Together theory of change envisions that change is a process and not an event and for meaningful change to occur, a critical mass of people must be engaged.



One of the participants taking notes during a presentation of the findings from a group discussion on the last day of the training.

Violence against women and girls affects everyone thus everyone needs to get involved in its prevention, what better way to do this than to use the SASA! Together approach.” Said CAFOMI, GBV Prevention Officer, Lwanga Deborah Marie. “SASA! Together is a GBV Prevention Methodology that entails use of a start, awareness, support and action phase which engages all persons along the circles of influence to raise a critical mass which is pivotal in bringing about change from acceptability of VAW to its intolerance.”

In July, 2022, CAFOMI trained community Activists and community leaders (28M, 21F) of Congolese, Somalis, South-Sudanese, Rwandese and Ugandan nationalities.

The training was timely in the current situation where communities more particularly women and girls are encountering a lot of violations causing family breakages, school dropouts, early marriages and teenage pregnancies. We applaud CAFOMI for all the interventions and actions taking place.” Said Wanyama Deo, a teacher at Kitebi primary school and one of the recent trainees.

Through the training knowledge and skills regarding SASA! Together have been extended to community activists and leaders who will in turn spread this to the community members through the various engagements hence contribute to creation of a critical mass of changed individuals.

I wish to appreciate CAFOMI and partners that have organised such an important workshop to educate us on SASA! Together approach being used to create a new normal. We hope to make change with the knowledge we have acquired.” said Nakenisa Jusline.  zone leader and also one of the recent trainees.

The initiative will lead to sustainable change in negative social norms like child marriage and acceptability of violence against women to creation of a new normal in which VAW/G is not tolerated.







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