Livelihood & Resilience sector

Shelter visits are being done by CAFOMI to ensure all individuals in the shelter maintain good hygiene and sanitation standards as well cautioning them on the risks or poor hygiene and in search of PSNs who were not identified. General cleanliness of shelters was done coupled with increased numbers of routine visits and sensitizations on referrals, work sharing at the kitchen, participatory work especially cleaning around their shelters. Routine on door shelter sensitizations are done on daily basis with more emphasis on personal hygiene.

As part of community services, CAFOMI has enabled to carry out hospital visits at Kisoro referral hospital and potters village which caters for children with an aim of emotionally supporting the refugee patients. This has brought hope back in to their lives. Sometimes Hospital visits are conducted in conjunction with UNHCR community services to address challenges faced by refugee patients and provision of possible support. The patients are normally supported with soap, toilet papers, pampers for children, baby blankets, buckets, slippers, jelly, to support them while at the hospital.