Shelter Construction

Basic shelters are given to the refugees during transit as they move in to the host communities.

One of the activities CAFOMI carries out in Bundibugyo is, construction of shelters and permanent toilets for refugees/IDP’s, both at Bubukwanga Transit Centre and to the host community at Busunga, Lamya and Butogo primary Schools. The shelters constructed are properly cleaned, and sanitation facilities fumigated with chlorine and Emo to avoid diseases and maintain good odour of the camp.

CAFOMI is also responsible for WASH and general management of the Bubukwanga Transit Centre. We carry out daily sensitization and personal hygiene training to IDP’s to ensure general cleanliness of the camp and proper hygiene practices are maintained.

The Transit Camp lighting systems are properly functional and lights have been fixed in all the shelters for use by the IDP’s . The Transit camp compound is slashed twice a month using a lawn mower.

CAFOMI also ensures that all the 2 T70 water tanks are kept filled up for distribution to the IDP’s and the surrounding villages. Water flows through gravity flow systems into the transit centre uninterrupted.

Chlorination is carried out through the E-doser pump and monitored on a daily basis by the CAFOMI technician. The water source is cleaned twice a month and routine weekly inspection of pipelines done to determine steady flow of water to the transit centre.

The Process

Design-project preparation in accordance with standard requirements


The process of construction according to project

budget approval

Budget analysis, corrections and approval


Handover to the beneficiaries